New Precision Honing Guide Jig for Chisel Plane Blade Graver Iron Edge Sharpening Wood Work Bevel Angle Sharpener Abrasive Tools

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Made of hight quality stainless steel material, nut rust,very durable.
Brass and sainless steel roller design, give you more choice,and make move back and forth without restriction during sharpening, keep the same direction, anti-slip, smooth and safe.
You can adjust clamping width by rotating the screw-cap, clamping width range is from 8~80mm(0.31~3.1")
Support plane iron max clamping width to 80mm(3.1") Support chisel max clamping width to 54mm (2.1").
Suitable wood chisel, planer, blade, graver, carving knife, plane iron, flat chisel edge sharpening.
Material: Material: Stainless Steel+Brass
Type:Brass Roller/Stainless Steel Roller
Clamping Width Range: 8~80mm(0.31~3.1")
Size:92 x 40 x 32mm(3.54" x 1.57" x 1.26")
How to Use:
Turn the screw cap counterclockwise, clamp your chisel or other knife tools, move up and down to adjust freely blade angle.
Then tighten the screw cap clockwise, blade edge is smoothly fitted to the whetstone or sharpening stones, slide the knife back and forth until your tools becomes sharper and more precise.
Package Included:
1 x Chisel Honing Guide

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