3PCS Non-Slip Center Pin Punch Set 3/32" High-carbon Steel Center Punch For Alloy Steel Metal Wood Drilling Tool

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1.This center punch is used to mark the center of the point and is typically used to mark the center of the hole as it is drilled.

2. The punch is used to drive an object, such as a nail, or to form a tip impression on the workpiece.

3.The center punch adopts spring-type adjustable stroke, which can adapt to various materials such as wood, plastic, metal, glass, leather, etc.

4.Active spring drive action and hard steel tapered tip make punching easier.

5.Automatic spring loading is then released at the top of the cycle under force to create a center punch (no hammer required).


Material:Aluminum alloy



Type:Hand Tools,Drills

Package Included:

3 x Center Punch

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