Micro-200Pro 12V Car Motorcycle Battery Tester SAE CCA JIS Digital Battery Analyzer

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1.Voltage Measure Range:7-30VDC

2.Measure Range: 40-2000CCA. 3-220AH.

For testing 12 volt batteries.

For testing 12 and 24 volt charging systems

3.Led Lighting Three Status: Good(Green) 、Weak(Yellow)、 Replace(Red)

4.Test battery Type: All lead-acid starter battery(Lead-acid, EFB,AGM,GEL...)

5.Technology: Conductance Technique

6.Temperature condition: Suggested operation range -18℃ ~ +70℃ in ambient temperature

7.Cover Material : Acid-resistant ABS plastic

8.Tolerance: CCA<±10;Voltage±0.5%


Temperature condition: Suggested operation range -18℃ ~ +70℃ in ambient temperature

Tolerance: CCA<±10;Voltage±0.5%

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