ZX7-315 220V 315A Mini Electric Welding Machine Portable Digital Display MMA ARC DC Inverter Weld Equipment

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The Electric welder is Using advanced IGBT inverter technology, the inverter frequency is high, which significantly reduces the size and weight of the w elder. In addition, the noise is reduced, the overall efficiency of the w elderis improved, and the energy saving effect is more remarkable. The advanced intelligent digital display control improves the performance of the welding machine, and the product has the characteristics of small splash, stable current and good forming. 
1. Digital display. The digital display adjusts the current more timely and understands the condition of the welder. 
2. Original imported IGBT, ensures a stable and large power welding work. 
3. High frequency inverter, features quick arcing and less welding splash. 
4. Inverter energy saving, first-class energy saving. 

Mode: ZX7-315
Material: Metal + ABS plastic 
Rated frequency: 50/60Hz 
Input voltage: 220V
Amperage: 20A-315A
Protection grade: IP21 
Recommended stick thickness: ≤2.5 mm / 3.2mm / 4.0mm ( usual )
Suitable material: stainless steel / carbon steel / low alloy steel
Welding plate thickness: 2-10mm 
Size: 110 x 250 x 170mm

Package included:
1 x ZX7-315 MINI Electric welder
2 x Quick plug
2 x Insulated electrode
1 x T-wrench
1 x Holder
1 x Strap

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