ZX7-200 220V 200A Portable Electric Welding Machine IGBT Inverter MMA W/ Insulated Electrode

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  Main Features:
  ● Portable size lightweight welding machine, convenient to carry

  ● Easy to adjust amperage for welding various materials

  ● One knob control, support adjusting amperage ranging from 20 to 200A

  ● High frequency inverter features quick arcing and less welding splash




Name:ZX7-200 MINI Electric welding machine

Model: ZX7-200

Color: Blue

Material: Metal & ABS

Input voltage: 220V

Amperage: 20A-200A/20.8V-28V

Rated load duration: 60%

Housing IP grade: IP21S

Size: 200mm*120mm*85mm

Recommended stick thickness: ≤2.5 mm(usual) / 3.2mm(occasionally)

Recommended stick electrode: general electrode, stainless steel electrode, cast iron electrode and other basic coated electrode

Recommended material thickness: 2-6mm

Recommended welding material: stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, cast iron


Please connect the welder to the correct voltage!

  Package Contents



1 x ZX7-200 MINI  Electric welder

2 x Quick plug

2 x Insulated electrode

1 x T-wrench

1 x Holder

1 x Strap

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