xTool M1 Smart Laser Engraver Compact 3-in-1 Cutting Machine With RA2 Pro Create Christmas DIY Wood/Metal/Paper/Acrylic/Iron-on/Vinyl

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Model xTool M1
Machine Type Diode Laser & Blade Cutting Machine
Main Features Flat engraving, Flat cutting, Rotary engraving, Blade cutting
Laser Module Output Power 10W
Laser Spot 0.08 * 0.08mm
Carving Precision 0.01mm
Routing Speed 160 mm/s
Working Area 385 * 300 mm (15 * 12 inch)
Connecting Interfaces USB/Wi-Fi
Operating Systems Windows/macOS/Android/iOS
Control Software xTool Creative Space/Laserbox App
AI Camera Information
Image Resolution 500dpi
Machine Enclosure
Product Weight 9.8kg
Product Size(L x W x H) 57 * 453 * 230mm (22*18*9 inch)
Supported Accessories:  
Smoke Purifier
Extractor Fan
Rotary Attachment
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500+ Materials, Endless Creations - xTool M1 is capable of cutting and engraving materials that are typically processed by Laser and Blade. That means more possibilities for you to prepare gifts for every occasion. Stop worrying about running out of ideas! Powerful Performance,Versatile Use. - World's first desktop hybrids laser & blade cutting machine that integrates Laser Engraving, Laser Cutting and Blade Cutting into one, allowing you to work with a super wide range of materials.

  Smarter Functions.Easier Operations. - Equipped with a 16MP high resolution camera inside, xTool M1 is capable of visualizing the entire workspace, boosting up your productivity. Real-Time Preview - More than just visualizing your work. With the help of the XCS software,different designs/patterns can be placed on various materials,completing processing on all types of materials in one take. Auto-Focus Adjustment - With just a simple "auto-focus" click, xTool M1 is ready to process the material; say good bye to complex manual work. Pre-assembled - with ZERO sweat-breaking tightening up screws or confusing setting up. xTool Creative Space Software.Few Clicks to Make Sparks - xTool Creative Space Software includes 500+ elements, 30+ fonts, common parameter settings, various editing functions, and constantly updated step-by-step project files that you can follow. One For All. - Designed to satisfy ALL family DIY needs. Customize t-shirts, bags and earings for decor, engrave on tumblers and boxes to personalize home supplies, and cut jigsaw puzzle to inspire kids...




- M1 LASER cuts and engraves wood, paper, foam, opaque acrylic, fabric, felt, leather, rubber, and stone. About plastic, it can engrave but not cut. When it comes to materials, it engraves parts of metal (stainless steel, coated metal, and anodized material). M1 BLADE cuts vinyl, leather, and felt.

-Do you know about the crafting parameter? Please check xTool Test Report here! 

- Clear acrylic and food are not recommended. More about food: If you have a brand new machine and use it for food, it's fine. But doing food after a wood cutting or engraving, the dust may soil the food.

- Soft metals like gold, silver, brass, and copper can not be cut or engraved by M1. If you insist, we recommend xTool 1064 Infrared Laser. 

Package Included:

1 x M1 Laser Engraver


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