XK-3 Pocket Hole Jig Kit 3 Holes Woodworking Drill Guide Aluminium Oblique Drill Guide Locator Tools

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Woodworking drill guide pocket hole jig kit / XK-3 aluminium alloy oblique drill guide locator set.

Model: XK-3
Material: Aluminium alloy + die steel
Color: Main blue
Drilling Guide Material: Aluminum Alloy
Drilling Guide Size: 100 x 69 x 38mm / 3.9 x 2.7 x 1.5in
Drill Diameter: 9.5mm / 0.4in
Use: Drilling of wood
1. 3-hole drill guide for pocket hole jig, suitable for woodworking joinery. 
2. Made of high quality aluminum alloy, durable.
3. High hardness and durability. 
4. Hold objects are not easy to deform. 
5. Exquisite workmanship. Smooth and hairless edges.
6. Easy to use and install, suitable for joining wooden boards.
7. This jig creates flush, corner and pocket angle hole joints for leg-and-rail links, building face frame cabinets and mounting frames with unlimited applications.
- The arrow is adjusted according to the thickness of the board to the corresponding degree of engraving.
- Splice the board, use the pull pin, lock the screw.
 -The drill bit is inserted into a steel sleeve, raised about 3 mm after touching the bottom of the adjustment block.
- Then tightly locks the limit ring.
- Drill must be sure that the forward rotation, not reverse drilling, drilling at an average speed.
- When drilling, the drill bit should be retracted several times to facilitate the removal of wood chips.
- When using a screwdriver, the drill needs to be adjusted to a low speed and high torque file.
Package Included:
1 x XK-3 Drilling Guide
1 x Cap with Screw Set
1 x Screwdriver  
1 x Hex key
1 x 9.5mm Drilling Bit with Depth Stop Collar
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