WX/RC E0-29 Scorpion 6CH Toy Remote Control Handle Drone Fighter Epp Remote Control Helicopter

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Model: WX/RC E0-29
Version: With 480P camera/without camera
Product Name: Remote Control Helicopter
Type: RC Combat Helicopter
Material: EPP foam
Function: 360-degree stunt roll, fixed-point hovering, lighting, 2.4GHz, four turbofan engines


High Performance: The 6-channel controller ensures precise and smooth control of the aircraft, creating an exciting flight experience.

Durable Construction: Built with EPP foam, the aircraft can sustain crashes and rough play, ensuring long-lasting use.

Combat Capabilities: The Helicopter is designed for thrilling air combat, allowing for engaging play experiences with friends.

User-Friendly: The remote control's intuitive design makes it simple to operate, catering to both children and RC enthusiasts alike.

Versatile Maneuvers: Capable of various stunts, including 360-degree rolls and fixed-point hovering, this aircraft provides limitless entertainment.

Package Included:

1 x Remote Control Helicopter
1 x Remote Control



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