USDR USDX 10/15/17/20/30/40/60/80m 8 Band SDR All Mode HF SSB QRP Transceiver Compatible with USDX QCX-SSB

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It is optimized from USDX QCX-SSB open source hardware. The powerful software supports the use of less hardware to complete the SW transceiver and supports the SSB mode (reception quality is very good, transmission quality is slightly worse). In addition, the developer also developed an AM/FM mode for it, but AM/FM is defined as a gift function. Don't expect AM/FM too high.
The hardware has the following features:
Shell size: 82.8mm x 28.8mm x 110mm;
Interaction and display: rotary encoder; Menu + exit key; 1602n LCD.
Headphone output connector (marked HP);
Cat and PTT_ Out interface (marked with cat);
Mic microphone and key interface (marked mic / key);
K-head hand microphone or headset interface (Jianwu line sequences, marked kJ);
The antenna interface is BNC interface;
The power interface is 5.5 * 2.0;
Built in horn with cavity (general effect).
Support 8 frequency bands:
80-meter band (3.5MHz);
60-meter band (5.3MHz);
40-meter band (7MHz);
30-meter band (10MHz);
20-meter band (14MHz);
17-meter band (18MHz);
15 meter band (21MHz);
10m band (29MHz);
PA structure and output power:
Three TO-92 packaged bs170 tubes are used, and the transmission power is 3-5w (one bs170 and irf530 pad are reserved for DIY upgrade).
Working voltage: 9-13.8v (maximum 15V, but not recommended, and the transmission power will drop below 13.8V)
Standby current: <90mA (built-in speaker and volume is 0) / <80mA (external headset and volume is 0)
The hardware sold this time is the hardware after 3 iterations. All known defects have been modified, but I hope it will keep the original design as much as possible, so that lovers can query more information on the above website, so as to facilitate DIY or grinding in the later stage. The hardware indicators of this Sales meet or exceed the original design. The components are high-quality components purchased by Lichuang mall, the PLL adopts 0.5ppm TCXO temperature compensated crystal oscillator, the LPF part adopts 100V np0 / c0g capacitor, imported powder magnetic ring, and the relay is Omron magnetic holding relay.
However, DIY equipment cannot be compared with commercial machines. There may be such or such defects. If you choose, you will be accepted. Please know.
The operational amplifier chip lm4562 is genuine; The relay is genuine Omron dismantling machine. Please consider it carefully if you care. The frequency will be roughly calibrated before the finished machine is delivered (error +-10Hz).
Some tips on using:
1. Due to software defects, the volume adjustment is not perfect. It is recommended that the volume should not exceed 13 and 14-16 during normal use. It is prepared for weak signals. When your receiving signal is weak, you can turn up the volume appropriately. If you feel the volume is not high enough, you can use an external active speaker (connected to the HP port) or an external 8 ohm 1W large speaker (connected to the kJ port).
2. For some weak signals, try to turn off AGC or set AGC to fast and att2 to 0, which will have better reception effect.
3. Due to the extremely simple hardware structure, the sensitivity will weaken with the increase of frequency, so it is recommended to turn off AGC at high frequency and set att2 to 0. Sensitivity is also reduced at frequencies supported by non amateur radio bands.
4. The interference of switching power supply is relatively large. It is recommended to use linear power supply instead of switching power supply.
5. Without power control circuit, the output power will change greatly with whether the antenna resonates or not.
6. Do not supply power to the PA board alone during the mill. When the core version is not connected, supplying power to the PA board alone will cause self excitation and damage the PA transmitting tube.
7. Do not use active antenna to transmit, otherwise your antenna will be damaged.
8. Since there is no limiting device, if the input signal is too strong, the hardware may be damaged (it can not be determined yet).
Package included:
1 x Transceiver
1 x Microphone
1 x Adapter

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