Upgraded Version 105 Logic Analyzer Single Chip Microcomputer ARM FPGA Debugger 24M Sampling 8-channel 10GB 24MHz

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    1. Signal input interface for the upper and lower rows of interfaces, the previous ones used 0246, 1357, wave arrangement, the order of wiring is up and down, which is very inconvenient; this logic analysis board changes the upper row to 0123 , the lower row is the order of 4567, which is simpler and not easy to make mistakes. Equipped with a 5pin cable, the 5th pin is grounded. In practice, it is most used to debug I2C, SPI, UART, etc. Generally, only the first four channels are used, and there is no extra thread, the wiring will become more concise and beautiful;
    2. In the most commonly used channels 0-3, adds four color LEDs of red, orange, green and blue for level indication. For low-speed signals and communication process pauses, the LEDs can be seen flickering, which can be realized  the function of the water lamp  by MCU beginners with the smallest system board.
    Color: black
    Applicable scenarios: single chip
    Size: 56x23x5mm
    Input mode: DC coupling
    Storage capacity: 10GB
    Bandwidth: 24MHz
    Storage depth (bits/CH): 10240MB
    Maximum measurement channels: 8
    Maximum measurement input voltage: 5V
    Operating system: WIN10, WIN7, WIN8, osMac, Linux
    1. Add 0123 channel indicator
    2. Rearrange the order of input channels
    3. 01234 channel input on the upper row, 4567 channel input on the lower row
    Package included:
    1 x Logic Analyzer 

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