Tideway TCT 3 Flute Straight Cutter 1/2 Three-blade Woodworking Trimming Engraving Slotting Milling Cutter

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Tideway three-blade straight cutter 1/2 woodworking opening trimming engraving slotting milling cutter

Product Name: Three-blade cutter
Material: Super hard alloy
Maximum Speed: 16,000RPM
Type Size
A 1/2*6*20
B 1/2*6*30
C 1/2*8*20
D 1/2*8*26
E 1/2*8*40
F 1/2*10*30
1. Tools with a large outer diameter should be set according to the tachometer and slowly propelled to maintain a uniform propulsion speed. Never stop the propulsion during the cutting process.
2.  Blade Length Selection: 
When using the tool, please use a tool with a blade length longer than the working object. For example, if you want to mill a groove of 12.7 depth, please use a tool with a length of 25.4MM to avoid using a tool with 12.7MM or less than 12.7MM.
- Alloy inserts for improved efficiency, smooth cutting, and significant improvements in durability and noise reduction;
- Steel shank, spiral design, wear resistance and aging, continuous k nives effectively improve your work efficiency;
- Spray coating, more resistant to high temperature, corrosion and long service life;
- Suitable for solid wood panel, density plate, plywood, ecologicalboard, ect.
Package Included:
1 x Tthree-blade Milling Cutter
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