Spectrum Analyzer USB LTDZ 35-4400M Signal Source with Tracking Source Module RF Frequency Domain Analysis Tool with Aluminum Shell

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Attribute: RF frequency domain analysis tool
Interface: usb
Power supply: usb
Standby current: ≤100mA
Sweep current: ≤350mA
Sweep bandwidth: 33mHz---4400mHz
Turn on the tracking source output bandwidth 33mhz---3000mhz
Sweep step: ≥ 33~68.75mHz/125Hz, 68.75~137.5mHz/250Hz, 137.5~275mHz/500Hz, 275~550mHz/1kHz, 550~1100mHz/2kHz, 1100~2200mHz/4kHz, 2200~4400mHz/8kHz
Sweep speed: ≥800 points / sec
Sweep dynamic log ratio: > 50dB
Point frequency or sweep output power: ≈0 dBm
Input detection: ≤10dbm
Background: ≈ -60dBm
Software used on the computer side: NWT4.11.09 version
Computer operating system: winxp, win7, win10;
Provide software and instructions for use. 
Package includes:

1 x Spectrum Analyzer

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