SAT-A 3-30MHz 100W Shortwave Automatic Antenna Tuner Radio Station with Housing Assembled ATU-100 ATU100 Upgraded Version

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The difference in appearance between the two  version :

Built-in battery
USB Power Supply 
Working frequency 3M-30MhZ
Tuning mode: 1W/3W/5W/10W
Working voltage: 5V, panel red light charging, full blue light
Transmit power: 100W in SSB mode/40W in FT8 mode
Detecting standing wave gate value: 1.1~1.9
Feeder compensation coefficient: 1~99
Power saving when the screen is off: 10 seconds to 90 seconds
Fully automatic/manual mode
Through/bypass mode
Antenna interface: default full M port
Built-in rechargeable battery 3000 mAh
1) It is common to all radio stations without built-in antenna tuning such as 817, 705, 891, 725, 725A.
2) Added menu adjustment function. QRP mode or QRO mode can be set directly in the menu, and it can be used from 1W to 100W.
3) There is no need for special control lines for radio stations, and automatic tuning is good when there is a transmitting signal input!
4) Brand new code optimization, speed up the tuning speed, has been debugged to the best condition.
Package Included:
1 * Shortwave Antenna Tuner Radio Station
1 * Charging Cable
Details Picture:

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