Registered 1.10c 3.5" 50KHz-2GHz Malachite DSP SDR Radio Receiver W/ Extended Version for 2 Antennas

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1) Based on SDR architecture, msi001 RF front-end is used for 12bit quantitative sampling, stm32h743 processor is used, and the main frequency is up to 480mhz
2) The receiving frequency is 50 kHz to 49.999 MHz, 50.001 MHz to 249.999 MHz, 400 MHz to 2GHz
3) Demodulation type: am, SSB, NFM, WFM, CW
4) The sensitivity is better than 0.2-0.3 μ V
5) Anti blocking is better than 85 dB
6) The real-time sampling bandwidth is 160 kHz
7) Functions: variable filter, adaptive noise reduction, threshold noise reduction, noise suppressor, AGC, equalizer, etc.
8) The display screen is IPS 3.5 inch, capacitive touch screen with backlight adjustment
9) The battery capacity is 3000mAh with USB-type interface
10) The working current shall not exceed 300mA
11) Dual antenna input option version, front-end attenuation filter module, attenuation up to 30dB, high resistance input, improve short wave sensitivity, add four additional front-end filters
12) Through USB connection to the computer, cat, IQ and audio communication can be realized
13) The overall size is 147 x 77 x 25mm/5.8 x 3 x 1"
Packing List:
1. Malachite host + extended version
2. Bracket
3. One antenna
4. Bag
5. Charging cable
6. English Test Form

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