Quick Non-Slip Cutter Sharpener Aluminum Alloy CNC Fixed Angle Sharpener Double-Sided Grain Size Woodworking Chisel Sharpener Monomer

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Fixed angle sharpener

Produce Name Fixed angle sharpener
Material Aluminum alloy
Max clamping length 53mm
Size 280x103mm (Length x height)
Length range of sharpening limit block 183-220mm
Weight 1.42kg
Suitable for All kinds of knife polishing


Whetstone monomer

Produce Name Whetstone
Granularity 1000 GRIT / 6000 GRIT
Size 182x60x29mm (Length x width x height)
Weight 0.685kg
Suitable for

1000 GIRT suitable for sharpening and repairing gaps

6000 GIRT suitable for polishing and fine grinding




Fixed angle sharpener

-Integral aluminum alloy CNC machining, linear guide rail, silky smooth, flexible and quiet.

-The grinding angle can be adjusted arbitrarily.

-The four corners are equipped with non-slip foot pads, which will not slip during the grinding operation.

-The operation is simple, and the knife can be sharpened quickly and safely.


Whetstone monomer

-The whetstone absorbs water and can be repeatedly polished and rubbed.

-Excellent sharpening effect.

-Easy to carry, simple to operate, better to use with fixed angle sharpener.


A: Fixed angle sharpener unit
B: Whetstone monomer
C: Sharpening stone + sharpener combination


Package Included:

A: Fixed angle sharpener unit

1 X Fixed angle sharpener

B: Whetstone monomer

1 X Whetstone monomer

C: Sharpening stone + sharpener combination

1 X Fixed angle sharpener
1 X Whetstone monomer


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