PZEM-015 Battery Tester DC Voltage Current Power Capacity Internal And External Resistance Residual Electricity Meter With 200A Shunt

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9 major functions
Full viewing angle LCD
Screwless installation
200A range (with 200A shunt)
Size: 89.6x49.6x24.25mm
Display size: 51x30mm
This meter is mainly used to measure the voltage, discharge current, discharge power, discharge impedance, internal resistance, capacity, remaining power, energy consumption, running time of various types of batteries, and display measurement data through LCD.


Current measurement range: 0-300A, <1A shows 999mA
Voltage measurement range: 0-200V, <10V display 9.99V
Power measurement range: 0-60000W, <10W display 9.99W
Energy consumption measurement range: 0-9999kWh, <1kWh display 999Wh
Impedance measurement range: 0-1000 Ω, <100 Ω shows 99.9 Ω
Capacity measurement range: 0-1000AH, <1AH shows 999mAH
Internal resistance measurement range: 0-999mΩ, format: 999mΩ
Running time range: 0-999 hours, format 0:00:00~999:59 (overflow to 0)
Remaining battery power: Displayed by the battery symbol, a total of 10 grids, each grid represents 10% of the electricity.

Package included:

1 x PZEM-015 Battery Tester
1 x 200A current shunt
1 x English manual

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