PS100 Antenna Analyzer Standing Wave Meter 137.5MHz-2.7GHz UV RF

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Product parameters:

-Operating frequency: 137.5MHz~2700MHz
-Step frequency: 1kHz
-Display: 2.4 inches TFT, resolution 320*240 (QVGA)
-Power consumption 1.5W
-Charging current: 400mA
-Charging port: USB
-Auto Power Off: 5 ~ 60 minutes can be set
-Measurement parameters: impedance, reactance, SWR and S11
-Resolution: 4-digit reading
-Frequency accuracy: ±10ppm
-Connector: SMA-K
Impedance measurement range:
1Ω~ 1000Ω@frequency & lt;1300 mhz;
1Ω~300Ω @frequency >1300MHz (absolute impedance value)
Standing wave measurement range:
1 ~ 65 @frequency & lt;1300 mhz;
1 ~ 10 @frequency at 1300 mhz
S11 (dB) measurement range: 0dB to-50db
Error (single point measurement):
Impedance: & lt; absolute impedance x 5%±0.1Ω (Z<200Ω, <1.5GHz)
Standing wave: <effective reading x 10%±0.1
S11: 0.1dB/5°(0dB to -10dB)
For (dB/°): 1dB/10°(-10dB to -20dB); 5dB/20°(-20dB to -40dB)
Directivity: & lt; 35dB (140MHz to 2GHz after correction); & lt; 30dB (2GHz to 2.7GHz)
-Scanning points: 280
-Output level:-18dbm
-Working temperature: 0℃~ 40℃
-Atmospheric pressure: 860hPa~1060hPa
-This instrument has four interfaces for single point measurement, scanning, system information, calibration and calibration
-By default, it will enter the single-point measurement interface when it is powered on.
-Aluminum alloy shell, prolong the service life.
Note: For the convenience of users, the calibration option will be automatically changed to user calibration every time. At the same time, in order to ensure the integrity of the calibration, during the calibration process, the automatic shutdown function fails and the startup is consistent.
Startup and shutdown:
-Hold down the CTRL key off and press the power switch button.
-In the power-on state, long press (above 2S) the switch button, after releasing, the instrument will turn off
-In the power-on state, long press (above 2S) the switch button, after releasing, the instrument will turn off
It is recommended to use:
-To ensure the accuracy of measurement and calibration, the instrument should be warmed up for at least 15 minutes.
-Try to use high-quality RF cables and connectors.
-The calibrated cable may not need to be calibrated and used directly after marking to the next one.
—The process of testing the cable affects the measurement accuracy. It is recommended not to choose a test cable that is too long if possible.
-Before measurement and calibration, please make sure that you are not in strong wireless signals to avoid interference caused by inaccurate measurement.
—If the impedance measurement itself is not understood, you can refer to the instructions and tutorials of the vector network analyzer. This instrument is equivalent to analyzing a single-port vector network.
Package included:
1 X PS100 Standing Wave Meter Tester

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