PDR Tools Golden Dent Lifter with 18X PDR Puller Tabs Pad-One Tap Down Pen for Car Dent Removal Paintless Dent Repair Tool

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PDR Tools Golden Dent Lifter with 18X  PDR Puller Tabs Pad-One Tap Down Pen for Car Dent Removal Paintless Dent Repair Tool

Description :

Simple operation, repair the dent in quickly.
Paintless repairing car dent body, does not damage the original paint.
Different sizes of traction tabs, which has used for the different size of dent.
Suitable for the surface of car, metal plate, refrigerator, washing machine and soon


PDR pulling tabs:

18X pdr pulling tabs ,it is different size shape for small the dents ,any small car can use these small the pulling tabs .







Package List:

1pcs* Golden lifter
1pcs* Tap down pen
18pcs* Glue Pulling Tabs

1Pair*Plastic Shovel


Tips: no glue gun .

Here Auto Paintless dents Removal instructions for reference only, Please try find which is the best way fix a dent in practice .

Step1, To use LED(used under normal or dim light both), line board or other method to find dents, marked with paint marker pen(red is the best)
Step2, To clean the dents locations well
Step3, To Use your hot melt glue gun to melt the strong viscosity melt stick(should be 80 degrees or above) to melt in 3 mins,then spread the glues evenly on the suitable tabs to paste on dents locations
Step4, To wait for 5- 10 mins, the glue dried, use a tool such as dent lifter,T bar or slide hammer tool to clamp the tabs Cap,use the moderate force to pull the dents pasted in tabs untill dents recovered
Step5, To Spray some alcohol on the tabs glue painted around, after that use the plastic silm shovels or other better tools to remove the painted glue easily from dents surface
Step6, If there still have some small irreglular dents, use the tap down pen with your rubber hammer or hail hammer to fix them gently until auto body is as good as new .

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