PDR Hail Repair Glue Puller Paintless Dent Repair Slide Hammer with Glue Puller Tab PDR Tools for Car Body Dent Repair

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PDR Hail Repair Glue Puller Paintless Dent Repair Slide Hammer with Glue Puller Tab PDR Tools  for Car Body Dent Repair

Product Description:

1.Easy operation, repair dents rapidly.
2.Baking-varnish-free dent repair, will no damage the paint, fast, money-saving, and environmental.

How to use it ?
1.Apply hot glue to tab. Make sure glue is not scalding hot to prevent damage to paint.
2.Apply tab to center of the dent. Do not apply too much pressure when applying the tab or you will create too thin of a layer of glue between the car panel and the tab
3.Let glue cool for about 45 - 60 seconds Come from under the tab head and lock onto the tab. Then swivel the tip so that the tips are facing right or left.
4.When using larger tabs, slide the weight towards you without much pressure. Let the weight do the work .Use several short and quick pulls instead of one large pull. When using the smaller tabs, give a quick strong pull as the tab will usually break lose on the first pull.After each pull, spray some alcohol on the tabor excess glue left on the panel and remove the tab or glue with the plastic razor blade. Repeat as needed.
5.If the tab comes off on its own, spray release solution (Isopropyl Alcohol) on the glue and panel to release the glue
6.Peal excess glue off with the provided plastic razor blade or your fingernail.
7.Tap down any high spots with the nylon knock down Repeat the process as needed.Most dents require several pulls.





Packing List:

1pcs*2 in 1 Slide Hammer

6pcs*Aluminum Glue Tabs

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