VEIKO Aluminum Alloy Miter Square with Base 45 Degree Right Angle Ruler Miter Angle Corner Ruler Woodworking Measuring Tools

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VEIKO Miter Square 45 Degree Angle Corner Ruler Miter Angle Corner Ruler Woodworking Measuring Tools



Material Aluminum alloy
Color Red+Black
Hypotenuse length 150MM
Base length 100MM
Base thickness 6MM
Base width 20MM


1.Anodized Aluminum Alloy Structure:High hardness, rust and corrosion resistance

2.Accurate 45° Miter Angle:Reduce errors and ensure high precision measurement

3.Solid Wide Base:More convenient for operation and enhance the overall appearance

4.Wide Use:Measure the 45°deviation of the inner and outer corners of the workpiece and scribe the workpiece;Check the angle between the equipment and the components in the structure


Package Included:

1X Angle Ruler


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