Miter Saw Cabinets Multifunction Woodworking Clamping Mitre Saw Box Wood Gypsum Oblique Angle Cutting Tools

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-Made of high strength ABS engineering plastic, wear resistant and anti-scratch, lightweight yet durable.
-With 0/22.5/45/90 degree oblique cutting guide.
-The miter box is easy to use and cuts fit together perfectly.
-Screw hole design allows it to fix on the working table firmly, improving cutting accuracy and working efficiency.
-Suitable for wood, gypsum, tile, etc.
Model: 801/802/803/811/812
Material: ABS
Color: Black/  Red
Cutting Angle: 0°/22.5°/45°/90 °
#A:  Black 801
#B:  Black 802
#C:  Black 811
#D:  Black 803
#E:  Red 812
Package Included

1 X Miter Saw Box



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