Machifit Woodworking Circular Center Point Finder Scriber Center Circle Ruler

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Machifit Woodworking circular material center point finder center circle ruler.

Adopt aluminum sheet CNC, milling out
Processing Surface anodization
Size 148mm wide
330mm long
Usage Wood working tool
(used for finding the center of a circle within a diameter of 650)

This tool is used to distinguish the center point on various circular materials.

1. Put the tool on the material end surface when using.  Draw 2 straight lines at any Angle.  The point where the line intersects is the center point.
(because the ruler needs to slide in the groove, there must be a certain gap. Three lines can be drawn, and the intersection of the three lines shall be the center dot)
2. The middle ruler can extend and shorten the length, and tighten the handle after reaching the right position.
3. Extremely convenient.  You don't have to use a ruler and a compass to find the center anymore.  You can do it in 2 seconds.

Package Included:
1 x Woodworking Circular Scriber

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