Machifit 15pcs 400mm Optical Axis Guide Bearing Housings Linear Rail Shaft Support Screws Set

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    Machifit 15pcs 400mm  CNC Parts  Optical Axis Guide Bearing Housings Aluminum Rail Shaft Support Screws Set
    Brand: Machifit
    Type: Sliding Rail
    Glide Path: Linear Guide
    Material: 45 Steel
    Accuracy Class: H
    Slide Fixed Way: Lock Type, Lock Type
    Non-toxic and tasteless, environmental protection, small size, transmission power of large, stable performance.
    Mainly used for industrial automation equipment, stepper motor rails. Such as 3D printers, engraving machine, XYZ module, slide, lifts, etc., widely used.
    Package Included:
    2 pcs x 8x400mm Steel Optical Axis
    2 pcs x KP08 55x13x29mm Zinc Alloy Pillow Block Bearing
    4 pcs x SK8 42x32x14mm Aluminum Rail Shaft Support
    1 pcs x 400x8mm Stainless Steel Lead Screw Rod with Nut
    4 pcs x SC8UU 8x34mm Slide Bushing
    2 pcs x 5x8mm D19L25 Flexible Shaft Coupling
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