M2 HSS 40MM High Speed Steel Lathe Cutter Tools Wood Lathe Tool Holder Lathe Chisel Wood Turning Tools Woodworking Tool

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【M2 HHS】Hardened shank is strong and durable


【Sharp wear resistance】hardened steel makes sharp


【Rust prevention】deep rust prevention


【Wear-resistant】the heating process is sturdy and durable


【Dimensions】Total length 570mm, Blade 180mm, shank 390mm   
【Blade】Length 180mm, Width 40mm
【Heat treatment】vacuum heat treatment + 3 times tempering + low temperature cryogenic treatment
【Hardness】63 degrees ~ 65 degrees,Wear resistance is 5 times that of traditional 4341 high-speed steel, with excellent sharpness and toughness, suitable for hardwood turning
【Paper tube length】60.5cm
【Weight with paper tube】0.9kg
Package Included: 1 X Wood Turning Tool


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