LZNanoVNA-F V2 50KHz-3000MHz Vector Network Analyzer Digital Nano VNA Tester MF HF VHF UHF USB Logic Antenna Analyzer Standing Wave

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    1. Measurement frequency range: 50kHz ~ 3000MHz;
    2. RF output power: - 9dbm (1GHz internal error: plus or minus 1dB);
    3. Frequency accuracy: < 0.5ppm
    4. S21 dynamic range: 70dB (1.5GHz), 60dB (3GHz)
    5. S11 dynamic range: 50dB (1.5GHz), 40dB (3GHz)
    6. 2 port return loss: 20dB typ (1.5GHz), 13dB min (3GHz)
    7. USB interface: USB type-C communication mode: CDC (serial)
    8. Number of calibration points: 101 points
    9. Number of scanning points: 101 points
    10. Display tracking: 4 traces
    11. Mark: 4 mark points (the mark bar can be moved up and down the screen)
    12. Setting saving: 5 (after saving, it can be called directly when the next boot is used, no need to re calibrate, and the saved parameters before the last shutdown will be automatically called at the next boot)
    13. Scanning time: about 1.9s/1 time (50kHz ~ 3000MHz full band)
    S parameter, VSWR, SWR, phase diagram, group delay ;
    15. 4.3 inch IPS LCD, IPS TFT (800x480) visual angle close to 180 degrees, long-term use will not hurt eyes;
    16. Aluminum alloy shell is adopted to effectively shield electromagnetic interference, so that S21 is better than 80dB dynamic range in 1GHz
    17. Compact design, body size 125mm * 75mm * 20MM, compact and portable;
    18. The RF interface is SMA, which is convenient to connect all kinds of tested parts;
    19. Using 5000mAh super large capacity lithium battery, the service life can reach 7 hours;
    20. Full touch screen design, supporting three side buttons at the same time, flexible and convenient operation;
    21. Support Chinese and English menu switching;
    22. Support screen brightness adjustment;
    23. The firmware can be upgraded by virtual u disk without programmer and only one USB cable;
    22. Expand a USB power output interface, 5V / 1A output (can be used as a power bank);
    24. Charging IC with high current 2A can shorten the charging time;
    25. It supports the upper computer and can use the computer as the display and operation interface;
    26. Weight with plastic box: 400g
    Package includes:
    1 x Main engine
    2 x Sma-jj rg405 connecting line 20cm (nanovna-v2 is the standard SMA female connector, outer screw and inner hole,)
    1 set of calibrator (50 Ω standard load x1, open circuit calibration piece x1, short circuit calibration piece)
    1 x Sma-f double end hole (i.e. SMA female base double pass)
    1 x SMA elbow outer screw inner hole to inner screw pin
    1 x Type-C data line
    1 x Touch pen
    1 x Packing box 
    Note: with the attached calibration parts, the instrument can obtain good measurement result data after calibration. If the measurement conditions are changed, such as adding a transition line and modifying the frequency range, it is necessary to recalibrate and store the parameters in 0-4. All parameters can be called out through the "callback" function. If the requirements are not very strict, a full band calibration can be carried out It can also be used after the frequency range, but there will be a certain error at this time)
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