LZNanoVNA-F 50KHz-1500MHz Vector Network Analyzer 4.3 Inch Digital Nano VNA Tester MF HF VHF UHF USB Logic Antenna Analyzer Standing Wave


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The hardware functions of nanovna-f include the following improvements:
1. 4.3-inch IPS TFT LCD is used to provide a larger viewing angle;
2. Replace with a large capacity 5000mAh / 3.7V lithium battery, the standby time is longer, and a USB interface is extended, which can be used as a power bank when the instrument is not used;
3. Using high current 2A charging IC can shorten the charging time;
4. Change to a bigger wheel with a better sense of operation;
5. Switch to a larger power switch with better operation sense;
6. Support Chinese and English menu switching;
7. Upgrade the user program through virtual u disk;
8. The standard aluminum shell is equipped to protect SMA head and reduce the interference of external electromagnetic wave to the instrument;
9. It can test the standing wave impedance of the antenna, adjust the insertion loss isolation of the v-segment diplexer filter, test the attenuation and shortening factor phase of the cable, test the amplification factor of the antenna amplifier, and have the function of frequency meter Powerful function (note that this small vector network is not suitable for debugging filters above 270mhz. If you really need to debug filters above 270mhz, you can choose 3GHz vector network or contact the seller)
The measurement range of nanovna-f is 50k-1.5ghz. The measurement frequency of harmonic diffusion of output signal of clock chip si5351 is 1500mhz. At 600m-1ghz, the dynamic range of S11 is 40dB (wave ratio is less than 1.02). At the same time, a metal shield is designed for the RF front end, so that the dynamic range of S21 is better than 60dB in the whole frequency band.
Basic performance:
Size: 14cm * 7.5cm * 2cm (L / w / h)
Net weight: 400g
Measurement frequency: 50KHz-1500MHz
RF output: - 13dbm (max. - 9dbm)
Frequency accuracy: < 0.5ppm
Port SWR: < 1.1
Display: 4.3 "IPS TFT (800x480)
USB interface: USB type-C communication mode: CDC (serial)
Power consumption: USB 5V 200mA (built-in 5000mAh / 3.7V battery, theoretical endurance 18 hours, maximum charging current 2a)
Output capacity: 5V / 1a, supporting Android and apple mobile phones (power bank function)
Number of calibration points: 101
Number of scanning points: 101
Display tracking: 4, marking: 4, setting saving: 5
Scanning time: about 1.9s/1 time (full frequency range of 50 kHz ~ 1500mhz)
S parameter, VSWR, SWR, phase diagram, group delay ;
After 19.0wh conversion, about 5000mAh / 3.7V large capacity lithium battery (overall dimension: 5.9mm thickness, 54mm width, 90mm length) is available for sale in Guanghua shopping mall in Taipei city
The metal shield is designed for the RF front end, so that the S21 has a dynamic range of better than 60dB in the whole frequency band
Package includes:
1 x Main engine
2 x Sma-jj rg316 connecting line 20cm (nanovna-f is standard SMA female connector, external screw and inner hole,)
1 set of calibrator (50 Ω standard load x1, open circuit calibration piece x1, short circuit calibration piece)
1 x Sma-f double end hole (i.e. SMA female base double pass)
1 x SMA elbow outer screw inner hole to inner screw pin
1 x Type-C data line
1 x Nanovna-f quick start guide
1 x Packing box
Note: using the attached calibration parts, the instrument can obtain good measurement result data after calibration. The instrument has been calibrated in full frequency band before delivery, and the data is stored in parameter 0. If the measurement conditions are changed, such as adding adapter line and modifying the frequency range, it is necessary to recalibrate and store the parameters in 0-4. All parameters can be called out through the "callback" function.)
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