LZ3G S-A-A V2 Vector Network Analyzer 2.8 Inch Digital Nano VNA Tester MF HF VHF UHF USB Logic Antenna Analyzer Standing Wave

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Software compatible system: Linux, windows (7 +), OS planned
S-a-a-2 nanovna V2 3GHz vector network analyzer is a portable and easy to use vector network analyzer with higher measurement frequency, which is based on the design of owocomm and LGPL license agreement.
S-a-a-2 / nanovna V2 uses a user interface similar to that of nanovna, but adopts a different technical architecture. S-a-a-2 / nanovna V2 does not load initial calibration data at startup, and does not automatically insert calibration data after user changes frequency. Calibration data must be recalibrated or called back after each startup and frequency change. Please read the operation manual carefully before use to avoid damaging the equipment.
Product performance:
Frequency range:  50KHz-3GHz
System dynamic range (calibration): 70dB (up to 1.5GHz), 60dB (up to 3GHz)
S11 noise floor (calibration): - 50dB (up to 1.5GHz), - 40dB (up to 3GHz)
Scanning speed: 100 points / S
Display: 2.8 ", 320 x 240
USB interface: Micro USB
Power supply: USB, maximum charging current 1a
Battery: 2000mAh lithium ion
Battery connector: jst-xh 2.54mm
Max scan point (on device screen): 201
Maximum scan point (USB): 1024
Return loss of port 2 (1.5GHz): 20dB typ
Port 2 return loss (3GHz): 13dB min
Weight with box: 250g
Outer dimension of packing box: 150 * 100 * 40MM
Package includes:
1 x   S-a-a-2 host (with 2000mAh battery)
1 x   USB cable
2 x   30cm SMA male to male ss405 RF cable
1 x   SMA simple calibration kit open 
1 x   SMA simple calibration kit short 
1 x   SMA simple calibration kit load 
1 x   SMA female to female connector
1 x   Instruction manual 
1 x   Touch screen pen 
Details pictures:

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