LTDZ 35M-4400M Handheld Simple Spectrum Analyzer Measurement of Interphone Signal

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This product uses the local oscillator signal and the external test signal to obtain the difference frequency signal, and calculates the amplitude of the external test signal through the detector. Using a high-precision VCO source, the heterodyne signal frequency can be measured very accurately. Since the scanning range is very large (35M-4400M), because there is no special detection circuit for the external measurement signal due to cost and other factors, the measurement amplitude may have errors. Therefore, the product increases the magnification and displacement parameters, and the user can adjust the display waveform by himself. The amplitude display is adjusted and calibrated.

1. Using stm32f407 single-chip microcomputer (main frequency 168M) + 4.3-inch TFTLCD (480*800) color LCD screen.
2. All aluminum alloy shell + rotary encoder control.
3. USB power supply, full English display.
4. Spectrum display range: 35M-4400Mhz; input impedance: 50 ohms.
5. RBW: 100khz, 200khz, 500khz, a total of 3 gears are adjustable.
6. Screen scan points: 700 points.
7. Scanning span: 70M (100Khz), 140M (200Khz), 350M (500Khz).
8. dBm range: -80dB -----10dB (supports manual adjustment of the calibration range). There is no amplifier circuit inside the machine. If you need to measure small signals, you need an external amplifier.
9. Maximum access signal: 10dB.
10. Working mode: superheterodyne scanning spectrum analyzer, single scanning time 800ms.
11. Battery 2000mah, working current 500ma, charging current 250ma;  (Battery includes, update from April 28, 2020)
12. Product specifications: 145mm*70mm*30mm. Weight: 250g.
13. Use range: walkie-talkie, toy remote control, 2.4Gwifi.

Package includes:

1 x Handheld Simple Spectrum Analyzer

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