LM2596S DC-DC 24V/12V To 5V 5A Step Down Power Supply Buck Converter Adjustable USB Step-down Charging Module

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Synchronous rectification scheme, wide voltage input, high current output, high efficiency.
With DC plug and terminals, easy to use.
With USB port, with fast-charge identification chip compatible with Andrews and iphone mobile phone.
Product parameters:
Input voltage: DC 9V - 36V
The output voltage: 5.2V / 5A / 25W
Output capability:  9 ~ 24V Input: Output 5.2V / 6A / 30W
                             24 ~ 32V Input: Output 5.2V / 5A / 25W
                             32 ~ 36V Input: Output 5.2V / 3.5A / 18W
Size: 63 x 27 x 10mm (L * W * H)
Weight: 22g
Package included:

1 x LM2596S DC-DC 24V/12V To 5V 5A Step Down Module

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