7pcs Leather Craftool Hand Stitching Sewing Toolkits

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7pcs Leather Carft Tool Hand Stitching Sewing Toolkit


Material:metal and wood
Size:as the picture shows

Category: 7pcs having different functions

1.Make of metal,plastic and wood materials,easy to use,For cloth, paper, leather.
2.When manually can be pushed out with a press cloth round seam trajectory, good pressure along the track or cut sew cloth.
3.7pcs different tools can be well done 7 different job, make your life more convenient.

Package Included:
1 X Leather Stitching Wheel
1 X Stitching Awl
1 X Groover Tool
1 X  Skiving Tool
1 X Skiving Knife
1 X Wood Awl
1 X Rotary Cutter

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