Kids Child Face Mask With 5pcs PM2.5 Filters Tube Scarf Bandana Head Multi-use Motorcycle Bike Riding Neck Gaiter Outdoor

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1. The multi-functional turban is made of seamless technology without deformation.
2. It does not fade, it can be washed with a machine, and it has the elasticity of a headscarf.
3. During use, the seams can be worn on the head without affecting the appearance.
4. You can wear it on your head, or you can fold the pattern as needed.
5. After long-term use, the turban can still return to its original shape.
6. Product use: Can be used as a headscarf, scarf, sand hat, wristband, etc.
7. Trial locations: Mountain climbing, running, fitness, cycling, leisure, etc.
1. Adopting advanced dual minimally invasive filtration new technology, it is made of 5 layers of
heat-sealing edging such as anti-sticking cloth, melt-blown cloth, activated carbon cloth and other materials.
2. Beautiful and strong, the filtration rate of PM2.5 air particulate matter is greater than 99%, and the filtering
effect is far more than the ordinary single meltblown cloth filter on the market.
3. 3D three-dimensiona cropping, better fit the face
4. Eco-friendly soft inner material, inner skin-friendly skin-friendly fabric, absorb moisture and wick away perspiration.
5. The fine selvedges do not run cotton, preventing dust from entering, making it more secure to wear.
Material 100% Polyester
Size 23X38cm
Color White/Yellow/Purple/Green/Blue/Black/Cyan/Grey/Orange/Rose
Material PP anti-sticking cloth + meltblown cloth
Size 10 X 6cm
Color Grey
Mask Style Plug-in
Filtering Effect 95%
Replaceable filter material Direct replacement
Package Included:
1 X Kid Face Mask Scarf
5 X PM2.5 Anti-haze Activated Carbon Mask Filter

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