HONGDUI KM-17 Pro Router Plane Die Steel Body Adjustable Fence with CAM Lock Depth Stop Dual Blade 1/2inches width For Fine Tuning Joinery Cutting Grooves Creating Perfect Mortises

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Versatile Dual-Blade Design: The KM-17 Pro Router Plane is equipped with both a straight and a 45° blade, which can interchanged depending on specific applications. The blades are ½” (12.7 mm) wide at the widest point for enhanced precision.

Advanced Blade Lift Mechanism: This router plane has revolutionized blade adjustment, eliminating the backlash and slop found in typical router planes. This system can be oriented forwards or backwards, perfect for accessing hard-to-reach corners.

CAM Lock Depth Stop: Using the only CAM LOCK depth stop in the market, this router plane enables users to lock down specific cutting depths for repetitive cuts without having to remeasure.

Adjustable and Removable Fence: It comes with an adjustable fence that can be attached to either side of the router plane. The fence can be flipped to reference either flat or curved edges, and is controlled by a large, easily adjustable brass knob.

Die Steel Body: The body of the KM-17 Pro Router Plane is constructed from die steel, a type of high-carbon steel renowned for its exceptional durability, strength, and rust resistance.



Blade Width: ½” (12.7 mm), with optional smaller blades

Cutting Depth: up to 1.5” (38 mm)

Fence Orientation: Left or right side attachable

Blade Lift Mechanism: Forward or reverse facing

Material: Die steel body


Package Included:

1 x KM-17 Pro Router Plane

2 x Blades (One Straight and One 45°)

1 x Black Blade Holder

1 x CAM Lock Depth Stop

1 x Depth Gauge

1 x Wrench


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