HONGDUI Aluminum Alloy Knuckle Clamp Adjustable Press Plate T-Track Clamp Quick Acting Hold Down Clamp Precision Woodworking Tool

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Aluminum Alloy Knuckle Clamp Adjustable Press Plate T Track Clamp Quick Acting Hold Down Clamp Precision Woodworking Tool

Provide versatile gripping with no slipping.
Quick-clamping action that's possible when you combine hold-down clamps with aluminum T-tracks installed on jigs, router tables and workbenches.
The Knuckle Clamp has a pair of flat, pivoting feet that are padded with molded rubber. This design allows you to apply even, targeted pressure to lock down the workpiece without marring its surface. Molded from reinforced polycarbonate, these clamps are virtually indestructible.The Knuckle Clamps are available individually or in complete kits with the track, bracket, knobs and hardware for face-clamping to your work bench.


    Brand: HONGDUI
    Material: Aluminum Alloy
    Maximum clamping height: 75MM
    Color: Red
    Thread: M8

    Round Slide Size: 20mm(Fits for 20mm hole)

    - The main body is pure aluminum alloy with hollow out and weight reduction design.
    - Alternate clamping on both sides(high and low plates) can clamp two pieces with different thickness at the sme time.
    - Adjustable press plate and clamp knobs . Can be pressed from different heights.
    - Create 7 innovative circular points to flatten the clamping pads and lifts.
    - Adopt the smooth corners to get rid of hurting hands.
    - Rubber grid mat. non-slip pads keeps wood in place.
    - Two kinds of bases, multiple choices.

    Package Included:
    1 x Knuckle Clamp 
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