Hantek 3in1 Digital Oscilloscope+Waveform Generator+Multimeter Portable USB 2 Channels 40mhz 70mhz LCD Display Test Meter Tools Ultra-low Power Design with Large-capacity Lithium Battery One-key AUTO

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Digital oscilloscope + waveform generator + multimeter, all in one!
AUTO one-key test + cursor measurement function!
Output sine, square, triangle, trapezoidal and other waveforms output!
4000 counts universal multimeter function!
A real professional and magic scope! buy one and no need buy more equipments!


Oscilloscope + Waveform Generator + Multimeter: This multi-purpose station own three universal test instrument functions. It is outgoing right-hand product for engineers.
Intelligent charging control: Its lithium batteries can be recharged byeither high current-5V/2A or ordinary computer USB interface. Allow while charging, while using, very convenient and handy;
Ultra-low power design: Type C charging interface, after every recharge of 2 hours, the device can be used continuously for a full day or standby more than two months;

Large-capacity lithium battery power supply: Tesla style 18650 replaceable lithium battery power system, free from replace battery;
5V/2A charger + Type C charging cable: Type C power + data transfer interface, can share the charger and data cable with your mobile phone;
AUTO one-key test: Magic tool and essential function for test newbie;

Volume small, one hand holding: The 45 degree suspension bracket design provide you a work station anywhere anytime;
One key page out, quick compare two groups of reference waveforms + 6 groups of waveforms storage, simple and effective;

Digital voltmeter function: automatic frequency and amplitude measurement, convenient and worry-free;
Its cursor measurement function supports time and voltage manual measurement, and measure the required waveforms accurately;

Color LCD screen: exquisite and smooth lines make the waveforms clear and undistorted when magnify;
Minimalist keyboard design simplify operation, convenient to use;
Unibody casing: fine touch feeling, favorable impact resistance, outstanding heat resistance, easy to disassemble;
Self-calibration function: free from level drift after long time unused;
Universal multimeter function: voltage, current, resistance, diode, capacitor, on-off test;
Waveform generator output function: output sine, square, triangle, trapezoidal and other waveforms; sine up to 25MHz;

Model Channel Bandwidth Sample Power DMM AFG
Hantek2C42 2 CH+DMM
(Oscilloscope+Multimeter )
40MHz 250MSa/S Direct
Hantek2C72 2 CH+DMM
70MHz 250MSa/S Direct
Hantek2D42 2 CH+AFG+DMM
(Oscilloscope+Waveform Generator+Multimeter )
40MHz 250MSa/S Direct
Hantek2D72 2 CH+AFG+DMM
(Oscilloscope+Waveform Generator+Multimeter)
70MHz 250MSa/S Direct

Package Includes:

1 x Digital Oscilloscope
1 x Probe
2 x Clip Probe
1 x Charging cable
1 x Power adapter
1 x Multimeter Probe

We will send you a plug adapter according to your country.
The 2C42 and 27C2 only include the oscilloscope + Multimeter function, and the 2D42 and 2D72 include the Oscilloscope + Multimeter + Waveform Generator. Please confirm that the the model you want is been selected correctlu before purchasing. 

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