Handskit ARC-300 Welding Machine Portable Electric Welder Semiautomatic Welding Reverse Welder for Welding Electric Work

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1. Our hand arc welding machine can provide a stronger, more concentrated and smoother arc. When the short-circuit droplet transfer is performed, the short-term reaction between the electrode and the work is more rapid.
2. This hand arc power supply can be equipped with an arc adjustment device, which can be designed as a welding machine with different dynamic characteristics to adjust the dynamic characteristics to make the arc softer or harder
3. Hand arc welding machine series are characterized by high efficiency, energy saving, light weight, good dynamic characteristics, stable arc and easy control of the molten pool.
4. Hand arc welding machine can weld stainless steel alloy steel carbon steel copper and other non-ferrous metals
5. This welding machine can be used for aerial work, field work, indoor installation.
Rated input voltage: 150V-270V
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Output current regilation: 10-300A
No-load voltage: 57V
Load continuation rate: 60%
Power factor: 0.93
Shell protection rating: IP21
Insulation class: F
Product size: 335*145*285mm
Package included:
1 x Inverter welding machine
1 x Ground wire
1 x Anti-scalding welding tongs
1 x Wrench
2 x Quick Connector

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