H&H 30-in-1 Lock Picks Tools Lock Pick Set Lock Opener Locksmith Lock Picking Tools Professional HIgh Quality Locksmith Tools

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Professional HIgh Quality H&H 30-in-1 Lock Pick Tools Set Lock Opener Locksmith Picking Specification : Materials : High quality aluminum alloy + High quality stainless steel Complete with an easy to carry case. It can be used to open many different types of lock, a perfect tool for professional locksmiths. Contains 30 pieces of lock picking tools. Every piece is numbered for easy identification. 1 x Pick-Rake 1 x Pick Diamond 1 x Pick Rake 1 x Pick-Triple Wave Rake 1 x Pick-Hook 1 x Pick-Small Hook 1 x Pick-Double Ball 1 x Pick-Two Wave Rake 1 x Pick-Slim Wave Rake 1 x Pick-Big Wave Rake 1 x Pick-Small Wave Rake 1 x Pick-Triple Ball Rake 1 x Pick-Incline Double Bard 1 x Pick-Special Wave Rake 1 x Pick-Long Diamond 1 x Pick-Half Ball Rake 1 x Broken key extractor 1 x Slim Wafer Pick 1 x Auto Tension Tool 1 x Double-Sided Tension Wrench 1 x Professional Auto Tension Tool 1 x Spring Tension Tool 1 x Tension Wrench-Thicken 3.0mm 1 x Double-Sided Spring Tension Tool 1 x Convenient Tension Tool 2 x Tension Wrench 3 x Pick-Computer Key Rake Package includes : 1 x H&H 30-in-1 Lock Pick Tools Full Set (Full accessories as pictures shows)

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