Ganwei Single-axis Manual Translation Stage Adjustable Manual Displacement Table Platform One-dimensional Stroke Woodworking Tools

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Ganwei Single-axis Manual Translation Stage Adjustable Manual Displacement Platform One-dimensional Displacement X-axis Displacement Table Platform Stroke Woodworking  Tools


Product Type X-axis/One-dimensional
Material Aluminum Alloy
Sliding Method Linear Bearing
Load Capacity 10Kg
Moving Range 0-75mm
Scale Craft Laser Scale
Screw Type M5
Main Board Size 40*70mm



1. This manual translation platform has many specifications, and also supports customizing the itinerary you want!
2. The top and bottom panels of this translation platform are aluminium alloy, the screw rod is trapezoidal screw rod, 45 steel, and the slider is steel too! 
3. It is a self-locking device. It can also be equipped with additional locks! 
4. The manual translation table is manufactured in large quantities by itself, which reduces the cost and is of high quality and low price.


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1PC  Manual Translation Stage


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