Ganwei European-Style Micro Adjustable Wheel Marking Gauge Wheel Woodworking Scriber Ruler Hand Measuring Tool Marking Scriber

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European-Style Micro Adjustable Wheel Marking Gauge Wheel Woodworking Scriber Ruler Marking Gauge Hand Measuring Tool Marking Scriber


-The gauge is available with either an unmarked rod or a graduated rod. The rod of the Imperial gauge is graduated to 6" in 16ths; the metric version has graduations to 150mm. Patented.

-The hardened steel wheel cuts wood fibers rather than tears them, which leaves a clean mark, even on cross grain

-The wheels single-sided bevel also forces the gauge face against the stock, maintaining accuracy. 

-The cutting edge of the wheel is at the extreme end of the shaft, which is useful for transferring dimensions such as tenon shoulder or mortise depth. The wheel retracts into the face of the gauge for storage.



-Single-shaft scriber is with scale supports fine adjustment distance for accurate scribing.


About setting your gauge: 

Step 1: Lock and unlock the collet

Step 2: Using the fine adjustment

Step 3: Lock the thumbscrew

Step 4: Transferring dimensions.
Step 5: Sharpening the wheel cutter.





 European style scribe


Range accuracy


 Marking range 0-12cm, fine-tuning level 0.2mm




 Aluminum alloy



 Wheel Making Gauge 


Packing size




Net weight









Package Included:

1 X


European scribe (pre-installed blade)


2 X


T15 wrench




More Details:





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