EU US Direct CIGMAN CM-720/CM-720SE Laser Level Tool with 2x360° Self Leveling Line Rechargeable Type-C Battery Magnetic L Bracket Professional Construction Equipment for Picture Hanging and Home Decoration

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Model: CM-720SE
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1. 2 x 360° Self-Leveling Laser Lines: The CIGMAN CM-720SE laser level is equipped with a unique 2 x 360° laser line mechanism that allows it to cover the floor, wall, and ceiling around the room, ideal for construction, picture hanging, and decoration.

2. Rechargeable Battery with Type-C Charger: This laser level comes with a rechargeable battery and a Type-C charger, freeing you from the hassle of regularly needing to replace batteries. A low-energy indicator ensures timely charging for uninterrupted use.

3. Self-Leveling & Manual Mode: The line laser self-levels within 4° when the pendulum is unlocked. It also provides an option to lock the pendulum for manual mode, allowing you to meet alignment needs from different angles.

4. Magnetic "L" Shaped Bracket: The included "L" shaped bracket offers strong magnetic attachment to any metal surface and allows 360° rotation of the laser level. The bracket features a 1/4 inch female thread, making it compatible with most tripods.

5. Comprehensive Kit: The product package comes complete with essential accessories like a remote control, laser target plate, mini tripod base, and a portable toolbox, providing convenience and portability.




Model: CM-720/CM-720SE

Laser Lines: 1x 360° Horizontal Line & 1x 360° Vertical Lines

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery with Type-C Charging

Auto Leveling Range: ±4°

Mounting Thread: 1/4 Inch

Material: Heavy-Duty ABS Plastic


Package Included:

Type A:

1 x CIGMAN CM-720 Green Laser Level

1 x 360° Magnetic "L" Base

1 x Mini Tripod Base

1 x Remote Control

1 x Laser Target Plate

1 x Type-C cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Portable Toolbox


Type B:

1 x CM-720SE Laser Level Tool

1 x Portable Bag

1 x Magnetic L-Shaped Bracket

1 x Type-C cable

1 x User Manual


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