EM287 Automotive Circuit Breaker Meter Test Device Car Diagnostic Tool Electrical Tester

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EM287 Automotive Circuit Breaker Meter Test Device Car Diagnostic Tester
EM287 This unit is the best electrical tester for reducing diagnostic time in automotive electrical systems. After a simple hook-up of the unit to the vehicle‘s battery, 
automotive technician can conduct a positive or negative battery current to the tip by rocking the rock switch forward or backward. The unit can be used to  measure dc voltage and test for continuity or for bad ground contacts, It can also be used to follow and locate short circuits. It is short-circuit protected,  its long cable allows you to perform test easily. Powered by the vehicle battery directly.
EM287 Specifications:
·Tests for continuity
·Tests the polarity of a voltage
·Measures dc voltage from 2V to 24V
·Checks lamp
·Checks electric motor
·Follows and locates short circuits
·Tests for bad ground contacts
Operation Voltage: 8~24V DC
DC Voltage Range: 2~24Vdc
Overload Protection: 8A
Weight: Approx.385g
Dimensions: 274×53×42mm
Package includes:
1pc x EM287 DC Power Probe

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