DUOYI DYXZ-01 Phase Detectors 3 Phase Sequence Circuit Tester Break Test Voltage Detection AC Voltage Fire Line Dete

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DUOYI DYXZ-01 Non-Contact Phase Detectors 3 Phase Sequence Circuit Break Detection Voltage Detection AC Voltage Fire line detection Motor Rotationt Tester3

DYXZ-01 non-contact phase rotation tester designs for quick , easy and accurate detection of three phase sequence in motor installation and repair . The non-connection to insulated conductor avoids uncertain and difficult connections to bare high voltage wires.
DYXZ-01 can also detect the motor rotation with non-contact magnet detection method.

This is a phase detector, designed to perform phase sequence checks and live line checks of a 3-phase circuit using a static induction voltage clip.
The static induction voltage clips are used to be able to clip on a cladded wire.
It is small with a CAT 600V safety rating.
Red LED lamps are used to make the indication visible in dimly lit areas.
The direction of phase sequence can be checked easily using the LED lamps, which blink in order.




1). Basic Specifications


Phase detection (positive/negative)

Voltage detection method

Static induction

Object to be connected

Insulated wire (nominal sectional area of the conductor: 2 to 120mm2,

finished outer diameter: up to 17mm)

Performance-guarantee voltage range

3-phase, 70V to 600 VAC (sine wave,continuous)

Operating frequency range

45Hz to 66Hz

2). Display



Positive phase sequence:

The four phase-sequence lamps blink order (clockwise) and the buzzer sounds intermittently.

Negative phase sequence:

The four phase-sequence lamps blink in order (counterclockwise) and the

buzzer sounds continuously.

Line-voltage indication

R-S lamp, S-T lamp

Power indication

Power ON lamp: lights up (Power ON)

blinks (Battery Low)


3). General Specifications

Operating temperature and humidity

-10 to 40(32 to 104), 80%RH or less ( with no condensation)

Storage temperature and humidity

-20 to 60 (-4 to 140), 80%RH or less (with no condensation)

Location for use

Altitude up to 2000m(6562 feet), indoors

Maximum rated voltage to earth


Dielectric strength


Power supply

Rated supply voltage 1.5VDC×2 Two AA size batteries

Maximum rated power


Continuous operating time*

Approx.70 hours(Power ON, Standby state, using R6P manganese battery)

*Battery life

Auto Power Off

(This function can not Be canceled.)

The power will be turned off automatically if the Instrument remains idle

for 15 minutes after the power is turned on. To reset, turn the power on

again using the Power ON switch.

Cable length

Approx. 0.7m

Dimensions and mass

Approx. 70W×75H×30Dmm(2.76W×2.95H×1.18D)

(excluding projections), Approx. 200g(7.1oz)

Applicable standards

Safety EN61010-1:2001,EN61010-031:2002

Pollution degree2, Measurement category CAT III(600V)(anticipated

transient overvoltage 6000V)

EMC EN61326:1997+A1:1998+A2:2001


Test operation

1. Phase Detection



 Connect the three non-contact alligator clips to the three

phase power cables.

(2)The symbol or each clip should be placed at the center of each cables.

(3)Press “ON”,lightA,B,C flashes once to power on the tester.

(4)In case the A,B,C are lit up , R is on if positive CW is detected.

 If in negative CCW, L is on.

 If one or more of light A,B,C does not light up , it means the relevant phase is open. In this case, R or L does not represent the indication.

(5)Press “OFF” to shut down the tester after use


2.Live Voltage Detection


(1)Connect any of the alligator clips to the conductor. If the  conductor is powered on (Voltage within 70~600V AC),the relevant light A,B,C should light up.This can quickly determine if the conductor is powered on.

(2)Clips and lights reference table



A (yellow ,left)

Light A

B(green ,middle)

Light B

C(red , right)

Light C


3.Non-contact rotating magnetic field Indication


①Keep the alligatior clips well organized.

②Put the DYXZ-01 above the motor, paralleled with the rotation axis of motor.

③The bottom of tester is towards to the motor as below figure shown. Place the tester parrelled and above the rotate axis.

 If the motor rotates in clockwise direction, R lights up.

④Press “ON” to turn on the tester.

⑤A,B,C,flashes once during startup.

⑥R lights up if motor is rotating in positive CW direction.

 L lights up if motor is in negative CCW rotation.

 Note: DYXZ-01 can detect rotation of single phase and three phase motor. It can not detect motors controlled by frequency converter.


Packing list:

Phase Detector: *1

Accessory bag:*1

Certificate of conformity *1

English manual*1

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