DUOYI DY5103A Insulation Resistance Tester Earth Ground Resistance Tester Digital Voltmeter Multimeter Megger Insulation Tester

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The brand new 5103 Series instrument can measure insulation resistance, AC voltage and phase sequence. As a new generation all mighty electrical test instrument we have successfully developed recently it has made fundamental changes to the circuit industry of conventional insulation resistance Aided by the nice and fashionable design, have more and stronger functions are easier to use and more reliable The instrument and accessories are all in the toolbox fit for field application It can be used to test the insulation resistance of power system electrical equipment lightning arrester equipment and measure AC voltage and phase sequence test.


Panel introduction

DUOYI DY5103A Insulation Resistance Tester Earth Ground Resistance Tester Digital Voltmeter Multimeter Megger Insulation Tester

1. LCD display

2. Phase sequence measurement LED indicators (CW, CCW, L1, L2 and L3)

3. Insulation resistance measurement high voltage LED indicator

4. Data holding switch

5. Test button

6. Backlight indicator switch

7. Function switch

8. ACV Input terminal

9. LINE input terminal Insulation

10. EARTH input terminal Insulation

11. Phase sequence L input terminal

12. Phase sequence L2 input terminal

13. Phase sequence L3/ACV measurement Gterminal shield input terminal for insulation


Performance Features

1. Low power consuming CMOS dual integral A/D conversion IC, automatic zero

2. LCD: 3 1/2 bit large screen display, maximum reading 1999

3. Data holding function, functional icons display

4. Can measure voltage lower than AC600V

5. Low Battery indication

6. LCD backlight function

7. Can test phase sequence

8. Automatically convert range Insulation test only

9. Perfect protection circuits, which can effectively prevent the harm of reverse voltage

10. LCD dimension: (65x48)mm (digit is mm high

11. Power: 8x1.5V (R6 AA) battery

12. Dimension: 190x155x75mm

13. Weight: approximately 900g

14. The instrument and accessories can be put into one for easy carriage

15. Environment conditions

16. Operating temperature: 0℃~40℃

Relative humidity<80%

Storage temperature: -10℃ ~50℃

Relative humidity<80%


1. Insulation Resistance



Testing Voltage


Out Voltage

90%-110% of the test voltage










2. AC Voltage Measurement

Measurement range: 0-600V

Accuracy: 2% rdg+5dgt


Test frequency: 50/60Hz

3. Phase Sequence Test

Phase-phase voltage range tested: 100V-450V

Frequency tested: 40-60Hz

①The phase sequence function allows you to test the phase sequence of 3-phase AC power supply (100V- 450V/40-60Hz). When you have connected the phase sequence probes with the test wires by input terminals you can judge the positive phase and reverse phase of phase AC according to LED indicator and beep, and phase missing indicated by LED

②Test State

Phase Sequence Test Indication

Open Phase Test Indication




Positive phase (CW indicator is on)


L1, L2 and L3 indicators are on.


Long beep


Reverse phase (CCW indicator is on)


L1, L2 and L3 indicators are on


No beep


Missing phase (CCW indicator is on)


Any of L1, L2 and L3 is not on


No beep


Note: When the measurement probes have been connected, the phase sequence measurement function shall indicate the positive phases and reverse phases of a 3-phase AC, and the LED indicator will indicate the phase missing. Be sure to measure with 3 triple-color test wires with 3 round crocodile clamps


4. Phase Sequence test result is indicated by LED No and display in LCD



A host *1  (DY5103A)

a user manual *1(English)

toolbox *1

2 sets of dedicated test wires (a phase sequence test wire, an insulation resistance test wire)

8 cells of 1.5V AA batteries(not including)

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