DUOYI DY4300A 4-Pole Earth Resistance And Soil Resistance Tester Digital LCD 0-20KΩ Series Interference Voltage Frequency Tester

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Brand Name: Duoyi

Display Type: Digital Only
Dimensions: 190*155*75mm
Testing Voltage: approx 10Vrms or less
Operating Temperature: 23±5℃
Accuracy Class: ±3%rdg.±5dgt( Earth resistance )
Model Number: DY4300A
Measuring Range: 0~20KΩ( Earth resistance )
Data storage: 1000 sets
Measuring Current Im: max.80mA
Measuring Voltage Um: 10Vrms94,105,111,128Hz
Operating Temperature: 45-75%RH
Frequency test range: 40~500Hz
Frequency test resolution: 0.5Hz
Soil resistivity test range: 0.3~1999Ω.m
technology: Fourier transform
function 1: LCD display/Backlight
frequencies selectable: 94/105/111/128HZ
Earth Resistance Range: 2/20/200/2000Ω/20KΩ
Earth Resistance Resolution: 0.01/0.1/1/10/100Ω
Ground resistance test methods: Voltage drop method (Probe current and voltage testing)
function 2: Auto-Power-Off Function(5 min)
Soil Resistivity Range: 0-1999kΩ.m
Test method of soil resistivity: 4-pole
Series Interference Voltage Range: 0-30.9 Vrms
Series Interference Voltage Resolution: 0.1V

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