DUOYI DY226 Battery Tester 6V 12V DC Check UPS Automotive Solar Energy Storage Marine Battery Volt, Storage Capacity Led Display

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Brand Name: Duoyi

Model Number: DY226
Type: Vehicle Battery Tester
Applicable Products: common 6V and 12V lead-acid accumulators
Accumulator capacity detection range: 40Ah ~ 200Ah
Material: Plastic & Metal
Load test current: about 80A
Maximum voltage: DC 19.99V
Internal resistance range of battery: 1.00milliohm ~ 99.99 milliohm
Using condition: -10℃~ 55℃
Relative humidity: lower than 80%
Controlled load test time: <10 seconds
Wrong connection protection: yes
Loose lead detection: yes
Overload protection: yes
Language: Language

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