DUOYI DY225 Car Battery Tester Analyzer Automotive Resistance Test Auto for Electric Battery Energy Storage Marine

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The instrument can quickly, simply, accurately and reliably judge the no-load energy, the on-load condition,the internal resistance of the battery and the charging system conditions of 6V and 12V lead-acid accumulator.

The instrument shell is made of solid ABS engineering materials, and the load heating simulation part is up and down installed with stainless steel porous plate, and the fan is configured to strengthen heat dissipation in order to make the test process more stable and more reliable. The test line part is composed of thick pure copper test wire, and is also configured with four-wire Kelvin test clamp for connection. The test sampling data are directly sampled from the outgoing terminal of the battery in order to really recover the battery working condition in the battery working process and make the test result more accurate. 4-wires internal resistance test, 4 digits display for clear reading Avaiable for electric vehicle battery, UPS battery, solar energy storage battery, automotive battery, marine battery......详情页_01详情页_02  Specification and Parameters:
1. The instrument is applicable to common 6V and 12V lead-acid accumulators.
2. Load test current: about 20A.
3. Accumulator capacity detection range: 5Ah ~ 80Ah.
4. Maximum voltage: DC 19.99V.
5. Internal resistance range of battery: 1.00milliohm ~ 99.99 milliohm.

6. LED status indication:
Battery condition: "Green" (Sufficient Capacity), "Yellow"(Insufficient Capacity), "Red" (Replace Battery);
Charging system: "Green" (Normal Charging), "Yellow" (Abnormal Charging).

7. Accumulator capacity presetting: continuously adjustable in the range of 5-80Ah, with 5Ah increment.

8. Test time: less than 10s; test time interval: it is suggested as about 5min.

9. Poor contact prompt for test clamp; reverse clamp connection  protection; input over voltage protection
10. Using condition: -10℃ 55 relative humidity: lower than 80%

11. Product dimension: about 9.5*5.0*19cm; dead weight: about 860g.
详情页_03详情页_04详情页_05PRODUCT DETAIL PRESENTATION详情页_06详情页_07详情页_08Packing list:
1x Battery tester
1x Manual (in English)


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