DUOYI DY2201D LCD Digital Automotive Multimeter With Speed Conversion Sensor Non-contact RPM Dwell Angle Frequency Temperature Tester

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The DY2201D Multi-functional Automobile Tester, the sophisticated design, convenient operation, accurate readings, complete functions, the use of new protective sleeve and large screen liquid crystal display, Jack in the input end is connected with the PTC thermistor element to the instrument core components, function / range switch protection especially for fully, in order to further prevent error operation, DY2201D on the current measurement Jack adopts mechanical protection device, only in the selection of current measurement, corresponding to the " mA " or " 20A " Jack will be open, otherwise is blocked by the baffle plate, effectively avoid the wrong one, greatly improving the safety of the products and service life. The product is suitable for professional auto detection and repair, engineering design, testing, production test, is your ideal portable automobile repair and maintenance tools.
Package Includes:
1 * DY2201D automotive tester
1 * Pair Test Leads
1 * TP01 K temperature measuring probe (250 Celsius)
1 * Speed conversion sensor ( speed test clamp head )
2 * Alligator clip
Details Pictures:

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