DUOYI DY217 Car Storage Battery Tester 9-18V Lead-acid Battery Healthy Analyzer CCA 100-1700 LCD Display

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DY217 Storage battery tester is used for activated style lead-acid storage battery,

along with checking battery life time and the following conditions of the battery,

starting up, charging, and electrical loading.

With great design, easy operation, precise reading, complete functions,

this tester supply the readings by a large LCD and hints by sound and light when testing.

Precise circuit and strong digital processing unit make it complete collection of a series of complicated data and figure out every test data

Storage battery tester strengthens input protection inside ,

in order to prevent such situations as polar reversal connection , over-high voltage input, poor contact of the test clamps and so on.

That makes sure safer and more convenient when testing.

DY217 fit for all kinds of 12V lead-acid batteries that used in equipment system associated with lead-acid battery.

It is available to vehicle of 12V storage battery.

The working voltage of tester is DC 9V to 18V.

Don't fit for series connection battery.

Standard of optional storage battery:

CCA: 100-1700; IEC: 100-1000; EN:100-1700 DIN:100-1000; 

JIS: need to compare CCA with a table (the table is included in user manual).

Generally,battery standard was marked on battery body.

In case there is no mark,please refer to vehicle exhaust, more details in "quick start guide".

Vehicle repair and condition check of all kinds of lead-acid batteries that used in equipment system associated with 12V lead-acid battery.

It is designed and produced strictly according to GB4793.

1 electronic measurement instrument safety requirement and IEC/EN61010-1 safety standard.

It also reach double insulation over voltage standard CATⅢ 600V and pollution degree



Test voltage:9-18V

Battery internal resistance: 0-99mΩ

Battery status of health: 0-100%

Battery conclusion: Good/OK/Attention/replace

Operation language: English only

Package include:

1x Storage battery tester

1x User manual (in English)

1x DIN.EN transcoding table


DY217 (4)DY217 (1)DY217 (2)DY217 (3)DY217 (5)

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