Drillpro Quick Acting Hold Down Clamp Set Woodworking Clamp for Woodworking T-Track T-Slot Clamp

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Drillpro quick acting hold down clamps set, T-Track T-Slot clamp fits for woodworking.

Material Aluminum Alloy
Color Red
Clamps Size 125mm x 26mm x 10mm
Screw Size M8x100mm
Handle Size 30mm
Sliding block Size 25mm x 25mm
1. Puts clamping pressure anywhere along the flush-mounted T-Slot T-Track.
2. Slides into T-Track and quickly secures with the turn of the hand knob.
3.This clamp set is useful in many woodworking and metalworking applications for work holding, positioning, and fixturing.
4. Very versatile. Also ideal for clamping jigs and fixtures.

Package Included:
1 x Quick Acting Hold Down Clamp Set

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