Drillpro Dovetail Scribe Line Planner Woodworking Crossed Templates Drawing Line Tool

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Hight accuracy dovetail scribe line planer, woodworking template line drawing tool, dovetail rule.

Dimensions 90x46x40mm
Materials 304 stainless steel and wood
Process processing center + laser cutting + laser marking
Precision 0.1
Range of measurement 1mm
- Made of wood and stainless steel. Quick, accurate marking of dovetail slopes in one handy tool.
- It is marked with a precision scale help better display the size and proportion, and come with 4 kinds of proportion marked (1: 5/1: 6/1: 7/1: 8) to meet different needs. Cutting dovetails by hand would be easy.
- Suitable for softwood, hardwood and other woods, this dovetail marking gauge is a useful aid when setting out.
- Adopted Laser-cutting molding, a handy and perfect tool to help mark out accurate dovetail layout quickly.
- Convenient to use, works great for beginners woodworkers. It makes laying out the angles simple and precise.
Package Included:
1 x Dovetail ruler

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