Drillpro CNC Linear Guide Sharpen Guide Fixed Angle Holder Hone Cutter Sharpener Woodworking Turning Tool Chisel Plane Ultra-fine Grindstone Holder

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Drillpro Sharpen Guide Fixed Angle Holder Hone Cutter Sharpener Woodworking Chisel Ultra-fine Grindstone Holder




Product name Drillpro Fix-angle Knife Sharpener Holder
Material Aluminium alloy
Color Black
Adjust Degree 0-90 Degree
Max. clamping 53mm
Quantity 1pc



- [ Safe Material Perfect Design ] : Perfect industrial design, beautiful appearance.

- [ Rapid Sharpening ] : After grinding, cutter can be very sharp and do not have any rough grinding crack.

- [ Simple Operation ] : Quick and easy to sharpen cutter, and can protect your hands from accidental damages.

- [ Linear Guide Design] : Flexible, silent, anti-skid & anti-rust.

- [ Support Fix-angle Locking ] : Safe & convenient, the angle can be adjust and locking the angle degree you need.

- [ Suitable For Various Cutter ] : Max. clamping 53mm, which is suitable for various cutter.


Package included:


1pc x Fix-angle Knife Sharpener (Not include the whetstone )


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